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It's Actress/Comedian/Producer Kym Whitley like you have never seen before.

In her first novel, "The Delusion of Cinderella", Kym tackles the sexy story of a young woman who finds her Prince Charming but when he abandons her, it leaves her damaged and emotionally broken. 


Love and lust may feel the same but you can only trust one of them. 


Now Available! Order a copy on Amazon today! 

"Kym has done it again... not only is she taking you on an erotic journey, she goes deeper into the psyche of women who are broken in spirit.  I loved the journey into realizing that Cinderella is a fairytale but loving yourself is real.  Kym takes you on a hilarious, hot and sometimes heart wrenching ride.  I couldn’t put my friend’s book down."


-Sherri Shepherd 



"The Delusion of Cinderella" is a perfect read for today's climate! With the me-too movement, this pointed book has the ability to educate women while entertaining and reminding them of their self-worth.  "The Delusion of Cinderella" explores just how precious and important self-love is and the true meaning of Sisterhood!


~Vivica A Fox 

"As a fan, I always loved Kym Whitley’s comedic skills. Working with Kym on radio, I have come to appreciate her storytelling abilities. Now she is marrying the two with her real-life experiences 😳 and a Can’t-Put-It-Down Book is born!


-Sybil Wilkes

Now Available

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